May 20, 2024 Investment Note: Hysata

Clean Hydrogen: Efficiency Redefined, Economics Transformed

The search for a sustainable and zero-carbon future has brought green hydrogen into the spotlight as a crucial component of the global energy transition, with its diverse applications spanning across various sectors — from industrial power to transportation.

Charting the course to a net zero world

Green hydrogen emerges as a cornerstone solution, projecting an annual abatement potential of 7 GT, contributing 20% to the essential reduction in CO2 emissions towards net-zero. With the expectation that green hydrogen will supply 10-15% of energy in a net-zero global economy, the commercial and environmental potential is immense.

The electrolyser holds a pivotal role in the green hydrogen paradigm, serving as the fundamental mechanism for water-to-hydrogen conversion. However, current electrolysis methods face formidable challenges: they are costly to operate, less efficient and capex intensive. This underscores the urgent need for advancements to propel the industry forward.

Enter Hysata, with a commitment to reshaping the economics of green hydrogen production. Through its innovative capillary-fed electrolyser (CFE) technology, Hysata offers a practical and efficient approach, aiming to contribute to the advancement of green hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution.

Unlocking the path to lowest cost green hydrogen

Hysata’s value proposition is twofold: efficiency and scalability. They are developing electrolysers to operate at 95% efficiency, a rate that can greatly reduce electricity consumption by 20% during production. Furthermore, Hysata’s streamlined system design, featuring a simple cell design and cost-effective stack, lowers capital expenditures and optimizes operational costs. Overall, Hysata aims to reduce the levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) by 25%.

Enhanced Efficiency
  • Building 95% HHV system efficiency (41.5 kWh per kilogram), approximately 20% more efficient than traditional systems.
  • Innovative electrolyte delivery system eliminates bubble formation.
  • Generates around ten times less heat, reducing cooling needs and energy consumption.
Simplified Balance of Plant (BOP) 
  • Capillary-fed design with a conductive, sponge-like polymer separator filled with electrolyte.
  • Electrodes contact the separator without being immersed in bulk liquid, reducing resistance.
  • Uses about 20 times less liquid per megawatt, leading to smaller pumps, tanks, and lower energy requirements.
  • Smaller system footprint compared to conventional electrolysers.

Hysata has a strong and dynamic leadership team, bringing in years of experience in entrepreneurship, technical expertise in electrolyser technology, strategy and manufacturing. Together, they strive to deliver world’s lowest cost green hydrogen with their unique CFE technology.